Monday, January 2, 2012

Determining How Much Dance Floor You Need

Having a dance floor at your party can provide an inviting space for your guests to dance.  It provides an ideal surface for dancing and it let's your guests know they should dance and where.

Portable dance floor comes in sections, typically 3'x4' or 3'x3'.  So how do you know how much to rent?  The general rule of thumb is that, at most, 50% of the people at your party will dance at any given time.  For each pair of dancers (1 couple), they will need about 9 square of dance space.  You can adjust if you know your party-goers to be more likely to dance, but this formula works out well in most situations.

Here's an example of how this plays out:  If you have a party for 80 people, 20 couples (40 people) will be the maximum number dancing. You need 180 square feet of dance floor, which would be require 15 3'x4' dance floor pieces.

Using this approach, here are some common sizes*:

  • 50 person party: 12 couples: 9 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 65 person party: 16 couples: 12 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 80 person party: 20 couples: 15 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 100 person party: 25 couples: 20 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 120 person party: 30 couples: 24 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 160 person party: 40 couples: 30 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor
  • 200 person party: 50 couples: 36 pieces of 3'x4' dance floor

*Note: we rounded to the nearest size dance floor based on the rule of thumb explained above. 

Happy Dancing!



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